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Topics here are unregulated and not protected. Be nice.


* Don't give out personal info - aim, msn, email, phone, etc. to people asking for it in posts. Some are RESELLING YOUR INFO - putting it in databases for targeted marketing (spam).

We are having continuing problems with spammers here, so new rules are in effect until the problems go away. Be sure to read and comply so you don't get deleted.


    This is our #1 and most important rule. Be nice. If you can't be nice, don't respond at all to them. We have tens of thousands of members - just like in any city, you are only going to interact with a few.

    Remember you are dealing with MENTALLY DISORDERED people. Socially withdrawn. Suicidal. Unable to cope with criticism or normal comments about appearance. DON'T ASSUME THEY CAN HANDLE COMMENTS A NORMAL PERSON COULD HANDLE.

    Don't be sarcastic. Don't belittle or make fun of them.

    If someone asks a question, feel free to answer with your opinion or viewpoint, in a nice way - it is good if you can quote studies and link to them if giving factual information. You may share your experience with them (...... I did that once, and here's what happened to me..) or (.......I read about a girl who did that and here's what happened to her....), but don't not glorify dangerous behavior.

    Also, negative comments directed at overweight people simply because they are overweight will not be tolerated here.

    2. No discussion of other communities (and/or promotion thereof), banned members, slow posting, or anything that is not fully supportive of this community.

    3. Post all pictures behind an lj-cut or it may get deleted.


    5. Videos - ARE NOW ALLOWED UNDER CUTS ONLY HOWEVER Videos CANNOT be of thinspo (regular or reverse), Promotional, Self Injury, Sexual Porn, and/or anything triggering.

    6. No pics of food, reverse thinspiration, nudity, mutilation or things likely to trigger someone. These things are also not allowed to be featured in userpics. Also, all posts regarding drugs need to be put behind a cut with a warning because they can be triggering to recovering addicts (this includes drugs such as laxatives, diet pills, adderall).

    7. No teaching damaging behavior or asking for tips. BUT if someone is going to do something anyway, share what you know that could keep them from doing even more damage. By "no teaching damaging behavior" we mean no posts about group fasting, no asking to "join in fasts", no competitions, no giving purging tips, and no mention of how to get illegal drugs (this includes adderall). Topics pertaining to illegal drugs must be under a cut AND Labeled accordingly or it will be deleted.

    8. English posting only.

    9. No promotion of any kind - websites, twitter, facebook, myspace accounts, products, videos, bands, chat, email, msn, phone, etc. DO NOT ASK FOR OTHERS INFO EITHER. This includes surveys for personal info.

    10. Mentioning specific food triggers some members. Put it behind an LJ-Cut and warn on the main page that food is mentioned. If you don't put it behind a cut you need to white out the names of foods. Don't just cross them out, they must be whited out.

    11. No posting or commenting that mentions "ABC Diet", "Milk Diet", "2468 Diet", "I Eat Nothing But My Toe Nails" Diet etc.. and doing so is subject to deletion of post, and the member subject to immediate banning. Even under a cut I will delete. This goes for Fasts also.

    12. Any posts with content relating to self injury MUST be behind a cut and labeled appropriately.

    13. Encourage recovery when possible. Do not help aid in helping people by advising them how "hide" their disorders from parents and/or how to develop it further etc. It is not only against our rules, but the Terms of Service of LJ.

    14. No stupid posts and I will use my discretion on what I think is stupid and what is not!

    15. No encouraging damaging behavior. This includes wishing someone "good luck" and/or providing them with means (tips, tricks) by which to further their behaviors.
    Other rules will be added here without notice. Check back frequently for changes.


    AND AGAIN - NEVER, EVER give out your msns, aims, emails, numbers!